All You Need to Know About Machine-Made Glueless Wigs


New technologies continue to improve the wig quality in the market today. Such wigs include machine-made wigs, which are breathable and light and do not require hair glue or tapes to install.

The wigs are perfect for individuals not fond of wig glues and novices in wig installation.

Machine-made wigs are manufactured in bulk and therefore are more likely to cost less than hand-made wigs.

You can easily find a machine-made ginger wig in stores near you, among a variety of other colors like burgundy, brunette, black, red, and ombre wigs.

You are about to find out what machine-made glueless wigs are, their pros and cons, and how to style them.

What are Machine-Made Glueless Wigs?

Machine-made glueless wigs are full-lace wigs that don’t require glue or hair adhesives to install on your head.

The wigs contain a cap made from soft, breathable lace that can be adjusted using the attached comb or strap to get the right fit.

The combs, straps, and clips are pre-installed into the wig and allow the wearer to adjust the size of the wig accordingly.

Why are Machine-Made Glueless Wigs So Popular?

Glueless machine-made wigs are very popular because they have many advantages, which include the following:

  1. They have a considerable volume that gives you a gorgeous appearance.
  2. Machine-made wigs are affordable because they are produced in bulk and are less labor-intensive.
  3. Glueless wigs are breathable because they are sewn into a soft, breathable lace that allows your scalp to breathe.
  4. Machine-made glueless wigs do not require hair glue to install them, as hair glue can damage your hairline if not used correctly.
  5. The wigs are comfortable to wear, as you can adjust the straps or bands to obtain the right fit for your head.
  6. They look realistic, as they are made using high-quality hair that closely resembles natural hair.
  7. They can be styled easily, including bleaching them to obtain your preferred wig color.

What Are the Cons of Wearing a Machine-Made Glueless Wig?

Like all the other types of wigs, machine-made glueless wigs have their setbacks, too.

Here are the cons experienced when wearing a glueless wig:

  1. Some of the wigs have a thick and heavy cap that can suffocate the scalp.
  2. They are made from cheaper material, so the quality may be compromised, causing itching in sensitive scalps.
  3. They may look unrealistic if not styled properly.

How Do You Attach a Machine-Made Glueless Wig?

Follow the following simple steps to attach a glueless wig within minutes:

Step 1: Pluck the Lace

Use tweezers to pluck some hairs along the hairline to give the wig a more natural appearance.

Some wigs come pre-plucked, so you’ll skip this step if they are plucked to your satisfaction.

Also, you can purchase machine-made glueless wigs that come pre-styled with bangs, which you can wear straight off the box without further styling.

Step 2: Spray the Hair Around the Edges

Spraying the edges helps you tame the edges along the hairline of the wig for you to trim the lace off properly.

Step 3: Cut Off the Excess Lace

Carefully trim off the excess lace by following the hairline pattern on the wig.

Step 4: Adjust the Straps on the Wig

Adjust the straps or bands on the glueless wig to snugly fit your head. You can also style it in whatever way you want.


There you go, you have learned all the basics of machine-made glueless wigs, including their pros and cons. You have also learned how to install them properly for a unique and natural look. Now, you are equipped with the right knowledge that will influence whether you will buy a machine-made glueless wig or not.


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