Corex: A game changer in Vape Technology


Vape technology has evolved over the years to improve the vaping experience and meet consumer needs. The history of vaping dates back to 1930, when Joseph Robinson received a patent on an electronic cigarette, but it did not manufacture commercially. Fast-forward to 1979, when Norman Jacobson pioneered the release of the first variant of the e-cigarette that was not electronic but used evaporation of the nicotine. Tobacco companies and inventors then manufactured nicotine inhaler devices from the 1990s to the 21st century.

In 2003, Hon Lik, a pharmacist from China, created the first e-cigarette that was exceptionally profitable in the market. After that, Europe and the United States introduced e-cigarettes. In 2008, a study in New Zealand proved that using an e-cigarette was a much safer alternative to smoking. Since then, tobacco has encountered a season of highs and lows due to bans and legislation in different countries. Nevertheless, the e-cigarette and vape market has grown tremendously around the world.


Corex is an advanced heating technology designed for refillable devices. Corex aims to provide accurate flavor reproduction for various liquids to give a prolonged and consistent pleasure. Vaporesso launched Corex in 2019 in response to the market need for refillable heating technology. Corex developed after four years of advancing prototypes, testing, and research. Vaporesso has closely followed the footsteps of its parent company SMOORE to create a better vaping experience for its consumers through continuous innovation. Visit vaporesso’s page to view a video graphic presentation of these features.

Features of the Corex Heating Technology

Morph-mesh Structure

The morph mesh structure is thicker on the sides and slim in the middle creating a gradient and compliments the density of the cumulus cotton leading to more even heating and stronger boosting of flavor. It makes an excellent ratio of flavor to sensation and gives great flavorful vapor. The structure increases the best flavor temperature zone by 100%. This morph mesh increases flavor production by 50% compared to the traditional mesh and produces precise flavor reproduction.

Cumulus Cotton

The cumulus cotton is denser as it has more giant puffs than traditional cotton. This capacity allows for more saturation and liquid delivery that fixes the burning problem with a low supply of e-liquid. The thick cotton provides the best flavor and consistency long-lasting vape experience. Traditional cotton is thin; thus, burning occurs with a low collection of e-liquid. The coil lifespan increases by 50%, and flavor decay reduce by 50%.


The microfiber on the cumulus cotton can expand its surface and contact the e-liquid. This feature enables the microfiber to absorb substantial e-liquid and lock it inside. The microfibers combined with Vasopresso’s Triple S leak-resistant improve the fluid resistance by 90%.

Cellular Ceramic Composite

Corex has a cellular ceramic composite with low thermal conductivity enabling the Corex coil to last longer. Corex can perform at its optimum with less power, guaranteeing long-lasting battery power.


Corex is the cornerstone of vape technology. Its features include morph-mesh fiber, cumulus cotton, microfibers, and cellular ceramic composite that aid in its efficiency in vape kits. Corex has paved the way for advanced innovations; thus, vape technology has a bright future. Consumers should ensure they buy vape devices with the Corex heating technology for a better vaping experience.


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