What are the benefits of using a timer?


Staying focused during cleaning the house might be a challenge for you. You can learn why and how you will be more managed and motivated if you use a timer while cleaning. Whether you are a working lady or a housewife. It is obvious that it can be hard for some women to do those tasks that are really boring. As women have to do these chores daily so they don’t seem to be enjoyable if you are not using a tool like a timer. A timer can be the solution if you hate cleaning. You must be wondering about that, let’s discuss it in detail. There is a motivation in working against time. just set your timer for twenty minutes and you will notice productivity in your routine. You will start to learn the value of time. You will feel how much you can do in a minute, hour, or in day. Also while doing your house chores you will get a sense of energy and will try to complete the task in the set time. You can start the use of a timer in your life by using 1 minute timer at first and notice what you can do in this time.

Use of timer increase productivity

When you learn the value of timer in your life you will surely feel that you are tackling more than you could have imagined. Below are the benefits of adding valuable addition in the form of a timer in your life.

· You will be more focused

Whenever you try to do something there can be any distraction that can come to your mind. You can start thinking about other things and may indulge in a different activity and end up being lazy. But when the time will be passing on the timer you will stay focused on the task you are doing. Also, you will get a sense of satisfaction if you have planned to finish the task

· Can give you quickness

Using a timer in life and for doing household chores and office tasks can give you energy. You will feel a sense of quickness and try to complete the task on time. The reason is that you will be aware that the clock is ticking and you have to do the task. You may ignore the time once or two but if you try to make it your hobby then you will not be disappointed by this habit. Especially the young kids who are learning time management, timers can help them involve in completing the tasks as fast as they can.

· Helps in cooperation

People are more involved in projects that have a completion date, especially kids are more willing to participate in tasks when they are aware that there is an end to task time. The plus point is that as they are kids that’s why they will work more quickly if you reward them at the end. They will start feeling that they are racing the clock and will try to work as quickly as they can.


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