Learning About a Few UWELL Vaping Device Components


Electronic vaping devices seem to differ a lot from afar. Stores like UWELL have them in multiple colors, shapes, and sizes. Some resemble writing pens, and others are bigger with box-like structures. Additionally, the materials used to form them also differ. They are available in glass, plastic, and various metal materials. Despite the differences, vaping devices have fundamental similarities. There are elements you are sure to find in any UWELL vaping device despite the brand name, model, or size. So, we look at some of the standard vaping device components.

A few components of a UWELL vaping device

All vaping devices have various parts that play different roles. If you look at the UWELL products like KALMIA, and CALIBURN G2, among others, you will realize that these features are quite evident. You can see and touch each part as you test how it functions whenever you make a purchase. In this article, we will narrow it down to three essential elements which help these vaping devices function. They are; battery, atomizer, and e-juice.


It is the primary source of power for any vaping device. It powers the atomizer, enabling you to inhale the vapor produced. Three kinds of batteries exist for these cigarettes, and it is upon you to buy a device with a battery that you think is appropriate. They include the following:

Removable batteries

You can take out the batteries and put them away safely in a case until the subsequent use. The case protects them from contact with metal elements, e.g., keys. The batteries are rechargeable, so you can use them repeatedly until they can no longer recharge.

Disposable batteries

You cannot recharge these batteries. They have a limited lifespan, and you discard them once they are over. The good thing is despite being disposable, they will still serve you for a long time before exhaustion.

In-built batteries

They come with vaping devices, and one cannot remove them. They have a limited number of charges that, when fully used, cannot function.


There are three types of atomizers; disposable, clearomizers, and cartomizers. They are all made up of a coil that receives the heat and a wick to soak up the juice. The disposable kind needs no replacement or refilling. You throw it away when the liquid is over. Cartomizers are refillable, while clearomizers allow you to monitor the level of the juice.


It is also called the e-liquid or solution. All vaping devices contain this liquid but in varying concentrations and amounts. The solution is usually a mixture of different components; hence their strength levels differ. Flavors are part of e-juice. So, when it turns into vapor, you can taste the specific flavoring used, and there is a wide variety of them.

Final words

UWELL vaping devices have a few elements in common. All have batteries, atomizers, and e-juice. These components symbolize the broad categories; however, each feature has different forms. Some batteries are rechargeable and removable, while others aren’t. Likewise, you can replace or refill some atomizers while disposing of others. E-juice is the main vaping content, but the user decides their preferred strength level.


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