How to Remove Shine from HD Lace Closure Wigs


If you have an HD lace closure wig, then you know that it can be very shiny at times. When you first get your wig, it will look great and shiny. After a few weeks, however, the shine might become a problem for you. You want to make sure that your hair looks natural and not like it’s made of plastic. There are a few ways that you can remove the shine from your HD lace closure wigs so that they look more natural; even as next time you looking forward to find quelity lace closure wig here.

Use a Dry Shampoo

You can easily use dry shampoo to get rid of shine in your HD lace closures. The best way to do this is to pour the dry shampoo into a spray bottle, then spray it onto your hairline and anywhere else that may be shiny on your head. This will help remove any oil and grease from your scalp so that you don’t have to worry about shine as much!

Use a Shine Control Spray

Using a shine control spray before wearing your lace closure wig is a great way to remove shine from your hair. The spray will help keep the shine off your face and also prevent any excess oil from getting on your face. If you don’t have any shine control sprays available, then you should use water or baby powder instead. This will help absorb any excess oil that is present in your hair as well as prevent it from getting on your face or clothing during the day.

Use Powder on Your Hands and Use Them to Touch Up Your Hair

One thing that you can do is use powder on your hands and use them to touch up your hair. This will help reduce shine on synthetic hair as well as help keep it looking natural. You should only apply powder after washing off any excess shampoo or conditioner from the hair so that it does not clump together on your head or scalp and cause an even bigger problem than before!

Wash off the Shine

If you have time between washes, use some oil-based products on your hairline and edges that will help absorb oil and reduce shine. No matter how much you love wearing wigs, they do take more effort than natural hair because they need more care and maintenance for it to look good all day long.


Removing the shine from your wig is an essential styling technique for it will make your wig blends in with the rest of your hair.

So, choosing the right wig is not just about appearance. It’s also about wearing a comfortable wig that can maintain its shape, softness, and luster for your entire life. Wearing a wig with poor quality or you have to too many bleaching sessions in a short period will reduce the gloss and texture of the hair which will make you look dry and dull. So, it’s better to choose a cheap one but high-quality one than buying a low-cost one with low quality rather than choosing expensive one but with low-quality.


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