Why Everyone Now Has Fake Vines In their Rooms


As bedroom design became a hit on social media and the internet at large, we started seeing more fake vines in rooms, led lights and even possible backdrops.

Room decorating became more popular during the lockdown in 2020. Many more people started making videos and attending virtual meetings in the home office or makeshift offices in their rooms.

As more people got to see inside our homes, there was a need to make the space stand out. A good interior décor to incorporate are these fake vines for room designs. They’re good additions, especially when you’re looking for a natural, earthy feel.

Why you should add fake vines to your space

To understand what the fuss has been about these fake vines, it’s best to start off with its benefits or advantages. So, to get us started, here are some reasons you should consider adding fake vines to your space.

They Are Easier to Maintain

Many people love plants and how it makes the environment look very sophisticated. Living plants are not really so bad because they really add some beauty to the room. But taking care of plants is not easy. Some require more or less humidity, soil pH, light, and frequent pruning.

The idea of having a plant does not have to be totally ruled out. With fake vines, you can have that added aesthetic value to your room and still have freedom to leave your window blinds down or leave them unattended.

Aesthetically Pleasing

In every room you step into and there is a plant pot with an ornamental plant growing, it is likely to brighten up the atmosphere of the room. Now not just plants but vines with leaves. They can be hung anywhere and increase the attractiveness of their room. This is a valuable property for social media content creators that require an aesthetically pleasing background to create videos or take pictures.

They Take Up Less Space

The thing about vines that make them so loved is their flexibility. These room decorations do not require floor space reserved for them alone. Though plants may require a part of the room set apart for it, fake vines for rooms can be hung on the walls or ceiling. The flexibility is definitely a flex.

For Themed Rooms

For those who like their bedroom to have a particular theme like princess castle, the 80’s, or outer space. A jungle park themed bedroom will need trees, plants and animals. Even after all these are set and ready to go, without fake vines in the room, the themed bedroom is incomplete. Fake vines for rooms add the

They’re cheaper

Getting plants as seedlings may seem like a cheaper alternative, but when you consider the work it takes to grow and maintain it, it’s usually not worth it. Don’t get it wrong; there’s nothing wrong in tending to plants but it costs way less to settle for faux plants like these fake vines. Besides, with the beauty they add to any space, you get value for your money.


Whether you’re a creator or not or a fan of interior decoration, fake vines are the go-to for easy and less complicated ways of ornamenting a room. It cannot be denied that your environment has so much to do with your emotions. How your room is arranged affects your productivity a whole lot. If you are looking for good way to incorporate nature into your space, fake vines may just be what you need.


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