Tips for choosing the ideal diamond painting drill


Diamond painting is an art and craft that’s fast gaining ground daily. Asides the fact that you can do the painting in your leisure time, it could also add an extra touch of elegance to your space. If you’re not the DIY type, many stores sell lovely diamond painting pieces at affordable costs.

One bone of contention amongst diamond painting enthusiasts has always been the type of drill to choose. Square and round drills are often a delightful piece of work in any setting. It’s essential to note that both forms of art have unique qualities, and it is these qualities set them apart. This article takes a look at some of those unique qualities possessed by square and round drills.

Square drills

You must have noticed the amount of preference given to square drills by top diamond painters; such preference can be attributed to its unique characteristics. Square drills are known to fit neatly on canvas with little to no spaces between the drills. Also, square drills provide a fuller appearance on any canvas when compared to the round drills. One unique feature of the square drills is the pop sound they make when a drill snaps into position. The artistic likeness to a mosaic by these square drills when fully arranged is also quite spectacular. One could easily spot an image created with square drills even from a far distance. In all, square drills are suited to more proficient designers due to its intrinsic properties.

 Round drills

Beginners in the diamond painting world often prefer round drills as it’s easier to work on the canvas. When compared with square drills, round drills are more easily picked with pen tools. You can also place round drills more efficiently on the canvas when you’re close to the finishing stages of your work. It’s been argued that round drills give more sparkle on the painting due to its larger surface area. One defect with round drills is the gaps between drills since they don’t have sharp corners. These gaps could provide ample space for dust and other debris to settle on the long haul. However, these gaps are not noticeable when the painting is being viewed from a distance. 

Which drill type should you opt for?

Regardless of your final choice, round drills and square drills are quite spectacular. Your choice of drill type is totally up to you; you should opt for one that has suitable qualities. You should also take the space where you will be placing the painting into consideration. Factors like outdoor space or indoor space, exposure to dust and other agents should be prioritized.

Final Thought

One question that’s often asked amongst diamond painting enthusiasts is which of the drills is better. This article sheds light on the unique qualities of both the square and round drills.


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