The Over & Under

The Overserved Society is a cocktail party moving through the city of Chicago, never at the same place twice.

It began, as these things often do, in a living room. It was an attempt to develop a repertoire of the classics: the old-fashioneds, martinis and manhattans a person should be able to produce in the company of men, women, in-laws, bosses or clients. It quickly grew into much more than that—a gathering of talented, likeminded folks who are shaping the city.

Finesse, class and plenty of arguing are our guiding principles, with a dash of re-imagination. We're unabashed novices, but we invite you to overturn a glass or three with us.


The Proprietors

Blake Royer is a certified chef who recently decamped to Toronto to work for an energy startup.

Seth Putnam is a magazine writer and editor who works in Chicago.