The Flip

We're teaming up with Michael Kiser, the gentleman and scholar behind Good Beer Hunting, with whom we'll be serving two beer-enhanced cocktails using local brews: Solemn Oath's "Spitfire" Belgian blonde and Revolution Brewing's "Anti-Hero" IPA.

The history of cocktails with beer in them isn't just a recent fad. One of the earliest recorded mixed drinks used beer all the way back in the 17th century. It was called the Flip, and sailors would stir up their ale with rum, sugar, and nutmeg, served warm after being heated with an iron. A century later, pre-Prohibition barmen would top their local ale with grated nutmeg, a nod to that earlier concoction.

For July's event, we'll be releasing our own rendition of the Flip (but it'll be cold, cold, cold!)  as well as a second, original beer cocktail, yet to be revealed. It's all going down in West Town at The Garage, the newly minted parking home of the Salsa Truck. There will be food from the kitchen, music, laughter, maybe a little dancing, and general revelry. Chicago ain't no sissy town.

The Details:

Friday, July 12 at 7:00PM at The Garage116 N. Aberdeen St. (between Randolph and Washington)

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